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Classical Homeopathy ; A permanent solution for your ailments .

Welcome to the world of Homeopathy : A permanent curative treatment for your diseases

Hello , I am Dr.Nandeesh , practicing the science and art of classical Homeopathy .Basically my practice was at Bangalore for the initial years and now we have shifted our centre to Hospet , Karnataka . Our centre aims at treating chronic conditions such as Diabetes , Hypertension , high cholesterol , Heart related issues , Thyroid disorders , kidney issues , gangrene ,epilepsy ; autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis , psoriasis , vitiligo etc in the most holistic , permanent way through Homeopathic treatment .

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We wish to extend our services of Homeopathic treatment to the people of Hospet who wish to get their chronic diseases cured . However Homeopathy also offers significant and rapid cure for acute diseases like fever , cold , cough .

We also provide online consultation services through zoom , skype and phone consultations to the patients from all over the globe .

Just call / whatsapp on +91 8317312948.


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