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What is Classical Homeopathy ?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

"Homeopathy is a method of treatment of healing founded in the 16th century by a German Physician Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. Dr.Hahnemann during his years of working as a translator discovered a text containing information about how taking crude preparations of Cinchona bark will produce Malaria like symptoms in a healthy Human being. Intrigued by this text Dr. Hahnemann decided to take the Cinchona Bark preparation by himself and so did he. He observed the texts to be true as he produced Malaria like symptoms the next day. This sparked his idea that if a substance could bring about disease-like symptoms in a healthy human being, it can also cure the same symptoms if given to a diseased person.

Over years of research and experimentation on himself and his patients, Dr.Hahnemann founded the basis for a system of Homeopathy on the principles of “Similia Similibus Curentur” meaning “Like cures like”.During the years when modern medicine was not developed, when crude, painful and harmful practices like leeching, cauterization, and bloodletting were prevalent, Dr.Hahnemann developed a rapid, gentle and permanent method of treatment which he called Homeopathy. When the entire humanity didn’t even have a speck of idea about microorganisms and when the microscope was not even thought about, Dr.Hahnemann hypothesized that diseases are caused by organisms that are unseen through the human eye. He also wrote a detailed book “Organon of Medicine” which he later developed over decades. This book provides the original information about diseases, their nature, how a disease is developed, how a disease must be approached by a homeopath to treat them, the prognosis of cure, guidelines for the preparation of medicines, and several other basic original details.

In this book, Dr. Hahnemann also wrote about his groundbreaking research details about the process of potentisation of medicines that forms the very distinctive basis of Homeopathic medicines. The medicines that a patient receives are potentized in such a way that only the energized elements of medicinal substances are preserved rather that the crude drug substance itself. In the book “Organon of Medicine,” Dr.Hahnemann laid strict rules that must be followed to bring about a cure in a living being. Over the years several Pioneers of Homeopathy existed, who learned directly from Dr.Samuel Hahnemann or who practiced following his aphorisms from the “Organon of Medicine”.The aphorisms of “Organon of Medicine” are relevant until this day. As Homeopathy flourished over years, decades, and centuries spreading its safest methods of cure and treatment across countries, the number of practitioners all around the globe for the system increased.

As the rules laid by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann were strict and precise, several practitioners who were spoiled by the unscientific practices of old-school medicine found it difficult to abide by rules and principles. Even though several practitioners found success practicing by the rules laid bY Hahnemann, some practitioners deviated from the basic principles and adulterated the system with their unscientific illogical ideas and whims. Over several decades these deviated practitioners gathered their pupils and taught them a form of homeopathy which is deviated from the original principles and hence spoiled the logical aspects of the system. As these practitioners who followed the wrong principles, had less to no success in their clinical practice, sometimes even worsening the condition of patients. Over some decades this leads to the notion among institutions and common people that Homeopathy is unscientific and the only placebo effect. Several articles made a mockery out of the system, as they just considered these deviated unscientific ideas a real Homeopathy. There was a need for a definite distinction between real Hahnemannian Homeopathy and everything else that was marketed in the name of Homeopathy.

Prof.George Vithoulkas, an eminent pioneer of Homeopathy from Greece, first coined the term Classical Homeopathy to form a proper distinction of real Hahnemannian Homeopathy which is based on the principles and Aphorisms laid by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, which followed the precise rules laid out for clinical practice and preparation of medicines, that did not deviate from the basic ideas of treatment put forth by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. Dr.Vithoulkas has also established the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece and has been teaching Classical Homeopathy to several practitioners who come from all across the world. The distinction and revitalization of Homeopathic Principles were necessary to save the basic scientific principles from getting lost in the cesspool of wrongly attributed, illogical, absurd ideas. It is through Classical Homeopathy only a person can be treated and cured properly with homeopathy and a total rejuvenation of an organism is possible.

Kalpataru Homeopathic Clinic aims at treating the patient with the method of Classical Homeopathy and bringing about a cure and rejuvenation of health in a being."

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