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The Greatest Guru of the Modern World - Prof George Vithoulkas

About eighty years ago, even before civilization had fully recovered from the blow of the First World War, the world found itself entangled in the grip of rulers' schemes and policies of racial discrimination once again, as the Second World War emerged within a decade.

The dark shadow of this great war covered almost all the nations, with European countries particularly shaken by the impact of Hitler's actions. In the southern part of Europe, the country of 'Greece' was profoundly affected by this shock. With a history spanning thousands of years, Greece, the land of the ancient History, became the site of the Great War, around 1942. Amidst this chaos, a ten-year-old boy found himself amidst the battles, losing his parents and all his relatives, leaving him an orphan without any direction. The transience of life dawned on this young boy, as he witnessed the peace, love, and tranquillity of just a few years ago vanish.

At such a tender age, this boy's mind was plagued with questions about life's purpose. Why do people fight each other? Why must humanity suffer? What is the need for war when peace could prevail? These questions consumed his thoughts. The horrors of war also brought famine to Greece, leaving people without food. Witnessing the devastation and suffering caused by war, the boy dreamed of sowing the seeds of peace in every mind, hoping to lead the world towards harmony.

Growing up in Athens, the city ravaged by the economic aftermath of war and the ailments of famine, the boy pursued his dream despite facing numerous challenges, becoming an architect. Armed with education, experience, and a mature intellect, he embarked on the path of becoming a successful architect in his homeland. However, fate had another hardship in store for him at the age of twenty-seven. This incident serves as a subtle reminder that humans still struggle to comprehend the workings of fate.

A car accident left this twenty-seven-year-old man bedridden for several days, immobile and confined to his bed. For an active individual since childhood, this enforced inactivity felt suffocating. Yet, fate had a blessing in disguise for him as he laid there. A small, thick book caught his eye, lying next to him. Bored, he picked it up to discover it was titled 'Boericke Materia Medica - by William Boericke.' Intrigued, he began reading the first page.

Despite his body being at rest, his mind and intellect were drawn into the book. He delved into its contents, and within a span of just two-three days, he devoured the entire 800-page book. This young man, unfamiliar with homeopathy, found himself deeply attracted to it through the writings of the renowned homeopathic doctor William Boericke. The brief descriptions of various homeopathic medicines in the book captured his interest like never before.

Curious to learn more, he sought books on homeopathy like 'Organon of Medicine by Hahnemann,' 'Kent's lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy and Materia Medica,' 'Kent's lesser writings,' among others, from libraries. Despite having no prior medical knowledge, his rational and mathematical thinking since childhood allowed him to discern the rationality, knowledge, and truth within the homeopathy books he read.

The leading homeopathic doctors worldwide were astonished to read about the successful treatment and cure of people through this system of medicine. Deeply intrigued by the nature of human diseases and the instances of complete healing worldwide, the young man realized that his true calling lay in the development and advancement of humanity.

With a clear purpose in mind, he took a break from his work and embarked on a journey to study homeopathy in depth. His search in Europe led him to discover many who claimed to practice homeopathy but deviated from its principles by following their own 'Polypharmacy' path.

Continuing his quest, he ventured to South Africa, spending several months in Johannesburg, exploring libraries, and interviewing doctors. However, he returned to his homeland without finding a place where homeopathy was being correctly practiced.

As fate would have it, India, renowned for spirituality and knowledge, captivated his attention. India boasted the highest number of homeopathic doctors in the world, making him hopeful of finding answers to his search there. He initially practiced and studied with some doctors in Mumbai before heeding the advice to move to Kolkata, known as the 'Homeopathy Mecca of India.' Enrolling at 'West Bengal Institute of Medical Sciences,' he found support from many doctors, including Dr. B.K.Bose, a direct disciple of Dr. Kent, a stalwart in the field of homeopathy. Driven by his unique interest, he delved deep into the subjects of medicine and methods with Dr. Bose's guidance.

During his stay in India, he immersed himself in Indian philosophy and self-exploration studies, seeking answers to the questions from his childhood by consulting spiritual gurus and philosophers. Through his practice of homeopathy and interactions with wise men, he gained insights into the 'Vital Force' - the essence of life which is written about in Dr.Hahnemann’s ‘Organon of Medicine’.

After months of study, he observed a lack of adherence to homeopathic principles among Indian doctors. Although some followed the principles faithfully, many deviated from them, endangering the very foundation of homeopathy. Realizing the imminent destruction of the system without its core principles, he recognized the need for a significant revolution to restore homeopathy to its original form. With this determination, he returned to Greece armed with his knowledge basket and a Homeopathy diploma.

Having witnessed a lack of comprehensive understanding of basic medical subjects among the doctors he encountered, he believed that a thorough grasp of the subjects of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Internal Medicine, alongside homeopathic knowledge, would enable more effective homeopathic treatment. Therefore, he started practicing homeopathy independently, collaborating with specialist doctors in his country. His quick grasp and commitment to self-improvement led to the successful treatment of numerous individuals suffering from serious ailments. Within just a few years, his fame spread throughout Greece and neighboring countries, prompting him to establish his own homeopathic center in Athens and mentor other doctors to expand the reach of his services.

While pursuing his medical studies, Prof. George Vithoulkas received an invitation from Switzerland to visit Greece. The renowned philosopher and social speaker, Jiddu Krishnamurti, extended the invitation, and without hesitation, Prof. Vithoulkas decided to travel to Switzerland. Upon his arrival, he had the opportunity to meet numerous disciples and colleagues of Krishnamurti, who were quick to praise him for his exceptional medical skills and remarkable intuition.

When questioned about his abilities and whether they were truly based on intuition, Prof. Vithoulkas humbly clarified that while he possessed an innate gift, his expertise primarily came from intensive study, extensive learning from various books, and practical experience. He attributed his success to the dedicated pursuit of knowledge in the field of homeopathy.

One incident that brought Prof. Vithoulkas much acclaim was his consultation with Krishnamurti when the philosopher fell seriously ill, and other doctors expressed little hope for his survival. After administering a medicine called "Phosphorus," Krishnamurti's health showed remarkable improvement, leading many to hail Prof. Vithoulkas as a healer who had extended Krishnamurti's life. Despite the accolades, he remained modest and acknowledged that his knowledge of homeopathic medicines played a crucial role in this achievement.

His reputation soon spread worldwide, attracting renowned doctors and surgeons from various corners of the globe who sought to learn from his expertise. Instead of traveling extensively to give lectures, Prof. Vithoulkas channeled all his energy into establishing the prestigious "International Academy of Classical Homeopathy" on the serene island of Alonissos in Greece.

Today, Prof. George Vithoulkas stands as the greatest living homeopathic physician, admired and respected for his outstanding contributions to the field of homeopathy. His dedication to knowledge, coupled with his innate intuition, has left an indelible mark on the world of medicine and healing.

A professional architectural expert who forsake his career for the betterment of mankind curing the most dreadful diseases with their profound knowledge of homeopathic medicines. Each year, doctors, specialists, and surgeons from all corners of the world travel great distances to learn about homeopathy and its treatment methods at his centre. The students who have studied under his guidance have returned to their respective countries and earned success and fame for curing numerous serious and deadly diseases with homeopathic remedies.

In recognition of his exceptional services, Prof. Vithoulkas has been bestowed with honorary doctorates from numerous universities. His books, such as 'Science of Homeopathy' and 'Levels of Health,' have received high acclaim in the field of homeopathy and medical science. Many doctors have achieved success in their profession by acquiring and applying the principles and instructions contained in these books. Universities in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, and Britain have honoured Prof. Vithoulkas by appointing him as an honorary professor.

In 1996, the government of Sweden conferred upon him the world's highest civilian award, the 'Right Livelihood Award,' in recognition of his lifelong dedication to homeopathy, curing millions of patients, illuminating the lives of the afflicted, and guiding numerous seekers of knowledge.

Following Dr. Kent's passing in 1916, there was a lack of a suitable successor to steer the ship of Homeopathy. Although thousands of homeopathic doctors exist, only a few practice the basic principles of homeopathy classically, adhering to the system's fundamental rules. Prof. Vithoulkas is diligently raising that sinking ship, informing and guiding doctors worldwide about the correct application of the methods prescribed by Dr. Hahnemann. He confronts those who mislead people in the name of homeopathy and highlights the correct homeopathic practices.

Despite several unnatural critiques making fun of homeopathy as a mere placebo effect, Prof. Vithoulkas presents the scientific evidence to establish homeopathy's legitimacy in the scientific world. The treatments administered by his disciples for severe ailments like psoriasis, gangrene, and Vitiligo, and sever innumerable serious disorders, which have no cure in the allopathic system, have been published in international journals, immortalizing homeopathy's name in the scientific arena.

Every year, people from all over the world eagerly wait for months to receive treatment from him. Even influential people of several countries, politicians, musicians, and diplomatic leaders seek his care. Prof. Vithoulkas treats all individuals with equal spirit, devoid of any feelings of superiority or inferiority.

Even in his old age, he dedicates time to correspond with his students, answering their questions and wishes. He guides his students, encouraging them to learn diligently and aspire to become better doctors than himself.

When interacting with journalists, students, and doctors worldwide, he carries a warm smile and speaks about his mission. He remains humble and focused on spreading the practice of homeopathy for the betterment of mankind, without seeking personal recognition. Leading a tranquil life with his family on a small island, he blesses the lives of millions of homeopaths, infusing their lives with meaning and purpose. He assists, enlightens, and guides these students, answering their doubts and questions and providing direction to doctors and scientists.

While I may not possess the aptitude or qualifications to fully analyze Prof. Vithoulkas' life, my desire to introduce my readers to great gurus like him, who dreamt of and achieved the betterment of mankind, impacting millions of lives through love and knowledge, has inspired me to pen this article.

Today, on Prof. George Vithoulkas' ninety-first birthday, I extend my heartfelt tribute to these great gurus who dedicated the last sixty years of their lives to homeopathy, bestowing meaning and purpose upon students like me through their boundless love and wisdom.

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